Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post 31: Just A Few Things...and A Sneak Peak!

Hey folks! I am sorry about my absence this week but as you all know sometimes we just get busy....or lazy...for me it has been a mixture of both. It is a busy time of year at the moment, I have birthdays, baby showers, fathers day, not to mention two little girls who are expecting Independence Day dresses from me. Sticking to the handmade pledge sure gets time consuming (especially when you are a procrastinator like myself) ....especially when I am working on the puppies schedule who demands 100% of my attention at all times!

I have also managed to finish a couple of items I hope to get better pictures of and post in the shop by tomorrow!

Oh and just as a reminder you still have time to enter Folk Craft's Giveaway!


  1. The new shop additions are so cute! Love this picture of your sweet little pup.

    Congratulations Mandi, you've won my Jenn Ski Pod Pouch giveaway! If you will e-mail your full name and mailing address to me, I'll ship this groovy pouch out to you asap. Thanks!


  2. Gus is too adorable what a great pic! Love the pouch you made for cds and phone-The stamp inside is impressive.

  3. congrats on the jenn ski pouch lucky duck!

    I love the new items, great print!
    your dog is so cute!

  4. AHHH!!! i love the lil' pouch of course, and i LOVE that purse. (i know, i love it all.) it is the perfect combination of pink and red that i have been really liking lately. and those are some lucky little girls who are getting your dresses!