Monday, June 8, 2009

Post 27: Lets Go Green...Key Lime Green!

Oh how I love these bright summery Greens!

1. Key Lime Earrings $13.00 @ Ella Scott Jewels
2. Key Lime Collection – Set of 3 cloths $10.00 @ Scrubbies and More
3. Keep Calm Carry On Print 16x23 $19.98 @ Order Of The Crown
4. Lime Green Spring Summer Crochet Scarf $26.00 @ Beautiful Bridget
5. The Shirley Partridge Dress $42.00 @ Thrush
6. Excuse Me Miss Scarlet Fascinator $85.00 @ House of Tesla
7. The Alice in Chartreuse Green Peony Clutch $32.00 @
Little Ellie
8. Key Lime Birdie Hobo Bag $40.00 @ Olive and Bubby


  1. hahaha, what a BRILLIANT idea!! :D seriously, though, i love it. i was gonna do a monochromatic one, toooooo! i also appreciate this because it reminded me of one of the things i did want to get for my mom... pretty pretties!

  2. aaaww. I love green. One of my favorite colors.

  3. So many pretty lime things. Love the dress, the clutch, the hobo bag...

  4. How fun is that Shirley Partridge dress? Love it.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!