Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post 36: So I was feeding my Etsy addiction...

And I found myself on Etsy Chat which i love! Another level of Etsy addiction...

Then I was browsing through Folk's shop (as I regularly do) and came across this beautiful shrug and I had to share it with the rest of you!!

(click on pic for link)

I am in love! Can you believe it is only $14.00?! *sigh* It would be so cute with a white tank, chunky necklace, blue jeans and white heels (i have obviously been drooling over it all night)...I need a smaller rib cage.


  1. that is super cute! oh wow and very affordable too.
    gus is super cute as well, what breed of dog is he?

  2. Hey Mandi!
    Thanks for the visit ~~
    I use whatever I can find around the house :)
    There are so many every day items that have great textures...

    xo Laura

  3. lol, no, you don't need a smaller ribcage, folk needs to start making her clothes a little bigger! was an experiment and those tend to be a little small for some reason.....