Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post 28: First Bloom of the Year!

So spring is here and summer is creeping up on us. I woke up this morning to find my first Lilly bloom of the year! Isn't it lovely?

My husband must think I am a insane, I woke him up and made him go outside and check it out with me early this morning as i proceeded to have a little photo shoot. I guess I am a bit of a nut, but the fact that any plant survives in my care is pretty phenomenal. Thank goodness these flowers are so resilient :D


  1. oooo it's so pretty!!!! lol you ARE a nut! but in a good way!

    ps--the word on the street is there may be a new blog in town, soon.....the "ramblings and rare gems" of biscuit!!

  2. I totally get you girl. He might think you are insane, but we get it.

  3. what a great blog you have!! i'm so following and thanks for following me too!

  4. Gorgeous! I am a total shutterbug when it comes to my gardens. Little things such as the first bloom are among the simple joys in life. It's great that you celebrate them. And thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Hey, I had to come back to comment on your comment on my blog. That bridal veil IS in the front year of my '70 ranch style house!!!!!!!
    Long ago there used to be a farmhouse there. Just so you know.