Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am sooooo sorry I have been crap for posting this week! I promise I haven't been lazy this time! Christmas is well on its way and I have the biggest family in the world, aaaand I am attempting the impossible by making everything by hand (and buying a few things from Etsy of course). To give you an idea I am only one of 6 siblings and my parents are divorced, remarried and I am also an aunt! (and I haven't even touched on the husbands family) Soo, there you have it, that is my excuse. So starting this week I may be a little slow with entries but I will try to keep it interesting...hopefully!
This week I also have my FIRST real custom order! (Not counting family of course) It is a diaper bag and I am excited to get started. I just have to wait for my fabric order to get here. Which leads me to my newest fabric shopping. At first I thought I would hate it since I cant touch it and actually see it in front of me, but boy was I wrong! I think I may have a new addiction. It is so much easier to buy online then make the 20 minute drive into town, which means it is so much easier to spend money!
Is anyone else celebrating a completely handmade Christmas? Any fun and interesting gifts? So far the most interesting gift I am working on is a scary lizard mask "with horns and a red tongue" for my monster loving nephew.

Anywhoooo, I'll plug it again....don't forget my GIVEAWAY that ends on Friday :)


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the diaper bag you'll be making. I was thinking of asking you to make me one when we get back into town. Good luck with your Christmas presents.
    Amanda Henley

  2. Oooo a custom diaper bag! I can't wait to see it. Also, I hear ya' about Christmas. I'm one of six siblings, as well, with Mom and Dad divorced and both remarried. Lots of people involved! I'm hoping to sew a lot of Christmas gifts this year, but that's always a lot easier than it sounds. Wait, it doesn't even sound easy. lol

  3. I'm down in the basement looking for something to bring to "craft night at a friend's house. This is the 3rd Wed we've been getting together and tonight I want to do more then talk and drink wine.

    As for homemade gifts so far I've made lots of peach butter, dandelion brandy(it's much stronger then wine!), herbal vinegars and seeds saved from my garden. I'm going to do a lot of baking and make bathsalts and spice mixes. Now I've got to get back to figuring out what I'm doing tonight!!

  4. gorgeous picture, red currents?