Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Post 109: No Ordinary Apple

Okay, so I am a bit of a complainer. I hate the cold. (When I say hate I mean absolutely despise.) I am not a big fan of fall because it is a sign of what is to come. I have lived in Illinois for 3 years now and I still have not yet become accustomed to all the snow and ice and below zero winters. Buuut, I must say, Illinois does have the most beautiful fall I have ever seen. The leaves are GLOWING red, orange and yellow! I am also enjoying fall much more this week since the sun has finally showed up and it has been in the mid 60s. The discovery of Cinnamon Apple Tea has also been fantastic....soooo i might not hate fall so much after all. :)

And as a tribute to fall, apples, and this delicious tea I made this today! [Sorry for the poor pics I have been really lazy with the cam these days :( ]
And the embroidery detail "No ordinary apple" (I got a little inspiration from the movie/story Snow White).....aaand here is the other side
It also has a tiny apple embroidered on the flap with a nice big red button! Aaand it is lined in a dark brown satin :D
And I have a bit of a dilemma! I cannot decide if I want to gift it, keep it, or try and sell it on my Etsy!


  1. Yuck, I hate the cold too! But it's finally Spring here is Australia and it's SO good!

  2. what a cute clutch!

    the five days of Fall in IA were gorgeous when I lived there. Unfortunately they were very quickly followed by 6 months of bland icyness.

  3. AHH!! i love it!! you can give it to me if you don't know what to do with it. ;)