Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Post 108: Show your tartan!

TARTAN: A plaid textile design of Scottish origin consisting of stripes of varying width and color usually patterned to designate a distinctive clan.

The Scott in my blood makes me love tartan...I am told that our colors are/were some combination of the blue and green tartan...but who really knows. I love it all aaaand Etsy has some BEAUTIFUL tartan treasures. Enjoy! (click on images for more info)

Red Tartan Neckwarmer by Malam $53.00

Earrings by MistyAurora $9.00

Purse by Country Lou Bags $40.00

Hair clip by Botique De Banddeaux $11.00

Skirt by Sohomode $60.00

3 Small Notebooks by Corrupiola $12.00

Cloak by Folk $33.00


  1. such pretties!!!! i love the tartan, too...of course. ;) i want that skirt and the neckwarmer!!! and everything else!

  2. thank you so much for the feature! great picks :-)

  3. LOVE this.. My history has always been important to me. Our colors are amazing.

  4. These selections are really lovely! I really like the earrings and the notebooks...so classy.

    Thanks for including my hair clip!