Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post 114: Man Gift.

I bought one of these and I am soooo excited for its arrival! The one I purchased will be a gift for Grandpa BUT once Christmas gets a wee bit closer I WILL be getting one for the husband (I have to wait because I can't keep gifts and I can't keep my own secrets...).

I mentioned it in a couple posts earlier but I cannot tell you how PERFECT this is for the men in my life. It is a great steampunk piece buuuut even better for all of those gear-head car/boat/engine, mans man kind of guys that you can NEVER seem to find gifts for on Etsy!

This lovely little number is actually a ceramic piece coated with metal and made to rust. Which I think is genius. Have I mentioned I am completely in love with Ms. Puff? sigh.

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