Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Post 113: Custom Order Complete!

Sooo this weekend I finished up and sent off my first custom order! I really enjoyed making this diaper bag! I think just knowing that I was making it for an actual person gave me that tingly feeling. :) I had my husband help me take a couple of pictures and lets just say he isn't much of a photographer, I was lucky to find one that didn't have a finger in it! hehe The interior is a nice bubble gum pink oil cloth that can easily be cleaned. and there are several pockets that make this perfect for Mrs. Amanda's Baby Bug!

Just a reminder that LOVE LOOOVE doing custom orders. I sit and imagine the people they are going to and take my time to make them extra, extra beautiful. Annnnd I am more than willing to work with you to reach a price that you would be happy with. Just convo me at Redplanet.etsy.com.


  1. Custom work, congrats! Fab diaper bag but I can see anyone carrying that bag with style. Great execution and style as always..

  2. Nice! It must feel good to get requests like that. When I have a baby I want a cool diaper bag too :)

  3. Cool nappy bag(that's what we call them in Aus). Where did you get the pattern from? Did the pattern yourself? I work in a children's boutique and we have no more nappy bags, I could make some for the shop. And hooray for the custom made too, how exciting!!