Thursday, October 29, 2009

Post 114:

I hate those moments you are left dangling in between two options and you have to wait and see how things go....I HATE not knowing what is next!
My husband and I are considering moving. And for some reason buying our second house has me MUCH more restless, anxious, and nervous than I was when we bought our first, 2.5 years ago.I cannot sleep, I cannot think, and I feel on edge and have a stomach full of butterflies! ugh.

(this back yard is what sold him on this 'dream home.' It goes on for several acres)

I am in love with the house we are currently considering but I will be so sad to leave our first home!
We went through a lot in the past two years (maybe more bad than good) but I feel like a traitor to leave this home behind! It was a diamond in the rough when we bought it and now that it is where I want it to be I am letting it go. I am blaming on my father. I inherited the gene where I cannot relax after a completed is time for a new one. Go, go, go!

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